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Our Award Winning Solution

Interested in taking the step to change to Renewable Energy? GreenPLUS provides a simple and easy way to start now.

Sustainability Made Simple: With GreenPLUS, you can quickly and easily have access to:

  • Cost effective offset solutions for those who want to start now
  • Renewables of the highest global standard, auditable and fully traceable
  • Your choice of blend, unbundled from your retailer contract

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Match your Carbon Footprint

Through GreenPLUS, it is possible to match the equivalent amount of your electricity consumption with electricity produced from renewable energy sources. Discover our AECO World Renewables, the new way of accessing internationally certified green solutions to meet your net zero goals.

AECO World Renewables or WRECs are a product consisting of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) held to the International REC Standard from Australia and various world regions and are based on the proportion of carbon emissions from those areas. By purchasing World Renewables, your business can significantly reduce its carbon footprint and support the growth of renewable energy projects globally.

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Act Local,
Impact Global

Take Action for the Environment: When you make this positive step to go green, you create a ripple effect of impacting not only local, but global.

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Unbundle and Save

Unbundle from your Electricity Retailers and purchase direct green energy from GreenPLUS to save more on costs.
The choice of having your renewable energy component unbundled from your retailer and the choice of renewable energy credits sourced from around the world gives you the ultimate cost savings.

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Drive more Sales by going Green

Did you know that 76% of people would choose a business that uses green energy over one that does not? 64% would pay a premium for products or services made with renewable energy. Going green is not only good for the planet, but sets you apart in the market while attracting customers to your door.

Added value for businesses is the ESG claim of running on partial or complete renewable energy, a must for the next generation consumers who will choose those that are committed to going green.

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Join the growing number of businesses and individuals who are making the switch to renewable energy with GreenPLUS.