Enjoy the benefits by joining a professionally managed energy portfolio.

Reduce your price risks by having AECO Energy strategically procure your electricity and gas contracts through our Portfolio Management.

Driven by market and internal forecasting, expert analytical insights; increasing bargaining and purchasing power.
Access to large-scale pricing and discounts.

Complete professional and fully managed energy procurement solution for enterprises. Maximise your business potential while minimizing cost, time and risks by joining AECO Energy Portfolio.

AECO Energy Portfolio lets you be the specialist in your business while we:

1.Optimise your business energy costs by accessing volume-based pricing

2. Reduce your price risks by having our energy experts strategically procure your contracts

3. Boost your business productivity by letting you focus on your business while we manage your energy needs

Increase your profits by using specialists

By joining an AECO Energy Portfolio, you benefit from AECO Energy’s decades-long experience in managing and purchasing electricity contracts.

We become an extension of your company. You entrust our expertise and delegate to us to maintain the best arrangements with your confidence and sole market discretion. You entrust experts to manage your electricity and with your best interest in mind.

You don’t have to waste your valuable time becoming an expert in procuring electricity by constantly monitoring the market for weekly buying opportunities. With the help of AECO Energy experts, you can get access to large-scale discounts that only are available by purchasing large loads of electricity. It is economically more efficient and, therefore, wealth-creating for you and your business.

Let the experts run your electricity procurement needs. Join an AECO Energy Portfolio today!

You are in control. You choose the mandate. We execute it.

When you are a member of an AECO Energy Portfolio, you remain in control. You choose the mandate and tell us how you want us to manage your electricity contracts. You choose the start date and the mandate from a range of options available. We then take care of your electricity purchasing just like a member of your staff with, of course, your delegated authority. We also act in the best interest of all our Portfolio customers collectively. 

Your Portfolio plan only limits how many contracts we can arrange. If you want more scope for us to manage independently and buy more contracts if the market opportunity arises, simply choose a longer Portfolio plan. Or you can start with a one-year Portfolio plan and then lengthen it. You remain in complete control. You stay in absolute ownership and control of the contracts we arrange on your behalf. If you cancel your Portfolio mandate, any future contracts we have arranged will remain with you but will be subject to applicable termination charges. 

Want to change your mandate? No problem, we can arrange and extend your plan in between mandates.

Mandates include 12, 24, 36 and 48 months with start dates in January, April, July and October.

Get volume discounts from being a member of a large-scale electricity portfolio

It is almost impossible for a small, thriving business to get access to large business pricing and bulk discounts. Even when you are a larger business, your electricity usage may still be relatively minimal compared to Australia’s electricity usage.

When you join a Portfolio, your next contract gets to benefit from bulk buying and volume discounts. With potentially hundreds and thousands of businesses joining together as part of your Portfolio, it is time to think BIG. Join a Portfolio and get access to volume discounts!

No paperwork. No management. No hassle. Only access to exclusive arrangements.

You don’t need to sign any contracts. No pressure. We become your delegated authority with full discretion to choose and manage your electricity needs and arrange contracts according to the mandate you choose. You get access to all the benefits of specialists acting on your behalf and the economic advantage of a large buying portfolio.

Your role is to maintain good credit standing and to pay your bills on time as we arrange contracts for you from Australia’s leading energy retailers. All Portfolio members must maintain good credit standing at all times. We keep you informed and report to you regularly on the contracts we have arranged and the retailers we have chosen for each of the Portfolios you choose for your sites.

Rest assured, a fully licensed retailer will supply your electricity with complete government oversight.

Click here for a complete list of retailers that we may use for your Portfolio.


Features 1-YEAR 2-YEAR 3-YEAR 4-YEAR 5-YEAR
Minimum Electricity Monthly Spend $500 $500 $500 $500 $500
Entity Types Supported
Multiple Subsidiaries
Single Entity with Single ABN
Bridging Contract Arrangement
Total Mandate Coverage 12 months 24 months 36 months 48 months 60 months
Simultaneous Forward Contracts Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple Multiple
Portfolio Mandates Supported
12-Month Mandate
24-Month Mandate
36-Month Mandate
48-Month Mandate  
Required Customer Credit Standing* Good Good Good Good Good
Access to Bulk Purchase & Scale Discounts
Termination Fee**
Zero-touch Contracts
EasyDOC Agency
100% AECO Energy Managed
Procurement Types
Australia Energy Retailers*** all eligible all eligible all eligible all eligible all eligible
Reverse Auctions
Acceptance Discretion AECO Energy AECO Energy AECO Energy AECO Energy AECO Energy
SustainPro Sustainability Bundle Options****
Renewable REC Mandate Options
25% Renewable
50% Renewable
75% Renewable
100% Renewable

Important notes:
*Portfolio clients must maintain good credit standing to continue to be eligible for this service
**Early termination fee is 75% of total outstanding fees at the time of Notice of Termination (90-day written notice)
***All Australia’s energy retailers who are eligible to offer as of January 2022, this is still subject to change
****Exclusive of REC costs

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