You are a specialist in your business. Be one.

Enjoy the benefits and create wealth by joining a professionally managed electricity portfolio.

Create wealth. Maintain control. Get access to economies of scale discounts. Be liberated to focus on your business to increase profits and create wealth from only an additional $74 per month*.

Learn from Adam Smith’s famous book “The Wealth of Nations.” Increase profits by specialising in your expertise and not what you aren’t.

Business become more profitable when it uses specialists to do tasks that it is not an expert in.

Adam Smith, the father of capitalism in 1776 postulated in his book, “The Wealth of Nations,that wealth is created through specialisation.  Shoemakers, candlestick maker and butchers do better when they specialise in their own trade and then, trade with each other for goods and services. This isn’t just an unproven economic theory. Wealth that has been created over centuries and generation of specialisation and trading of goods and services proves Adam Smith correct. No one anymore makes their own shoes, nor butchers their own meat nor makes lightbulbs (well, makes candles in modern terms).

Increase your profits, by specialisation and using specialists.

By joining an AECO Energy Portfolio, you benefit from AECO Energy’s decades long experience in managing and purchasing electricity contracts. AECO Energy experts time the market for you and buy on your behalf.

We become an extension of your company. You entrust our expertise and delegate to us to maintain the best arrangements for you with your confidence and with our sole market discretion. It is somewhat like investing in a managed fund rather than trading shares individually. You entrust experts to manage in your best interest.

You don’t have to waste your valuable time trying to become an expert in arranging electricity by having to constantly monitor the market for weekly buying opportunities. And, you can get access to large scale discounts that only are available with purchasing large loads of electricity. It is economically more efficient and therefore, wealth creating for you and your business.

Let the experts run your electricity procurement needs. Join an AECO Energy Portfolio today!

You are in control. You choose the mandate. We execute it.

When you are a member of an AECO Energy Portfolio, you remain in control. You choose the mandate and tell us how you want your electricity contract to be managed. You choose the start date and then the contract length from a range of options available. We then get on with managing your electricity purchasing just like a member of your staff with delegated authority. We promise to always act in the interest of our portfolio members and of the portfolio members as a whole.

Your subscription duration limits how many contracts we can arrange. If you want more scope for us to manage independently and buy more contracts if the market opportunity arises, then simply just choose a longer subscription. You can start with a short-term subscription and then lengthen it. You remain in complete control. Cancel your subscription any time. You remain in complete ownership and control of the contracts we arrange on your behalf. If you cancel your portfolio mandate subscription, any future contracts that we have arranged for you remain with you.

Want to change your mandate? No problem, we can arrange for your subscription to be moved between mandates.

Mandates include, 3, 6, 12, and 24 months with start dates throughout the year in January, April, July and October.

Get volume discounts from being a member of a large-scale electricity portfolio

For a small, thriving business, it is almost impossible to get access to large business pricing and bulk discounts. Even when you are a larger business, in comparison to Singapore;s electricity usage, your usage of electricity may be relatively still very small.

When you join a portfolio, your next contract gets access to the benefit of aggregation and volume discounts. With potentially, hundreds and thousands of businesses joining together as part of your portfolio, it is time to think BIG. Join a portfolio and get access to volume discounts!

No paperwork. No management. No hassle. Only access to exclusive arrangements.

You don’t need to sign any contracts. No decisions. We become your delegated authority with full discretion to choose and manage your complete electricity needs and arrange contracts according to the mandate you choose. You get access to all the benefits of specialists acting on your behalf, and the economic advantage of a large buying portfolio.

Your role is to maintain good credit standing, and to pay your bills on time as we arrange contracts for you from Singapore’s government licensed electricity retailers. All portfolio members must maintain good credit standing at all times. We keep you informed and report to you regularly on the contracts we have arranged and the retailers we have chosen for each of the portfolios you choose for your sites.

AECO Energy only uses electricity retailers licensed by Singapore’s Energy Market Authority. Rest assured, your electricity will be supplied by a fully licensed retailer with full Singapore government oversight.

Click here for a full list of retailers that we may use for your Portfolio.

SustainPro option for renewable energy certificates to meet your sustainability objectives

With Portfolio, you can bundle in a range of sustainability levels for your portfolio membership to provide you an amount of renewable energy certificates. This bundle allows you to pay for the certificates up front or over the course of the year to ensure that your sustainability objectives for renewable energy are maintained and achieved.

It’s easy and simple – just choose the option during your onboard process. Our Customer Service Team will discuss this option with you as part of your onboard portfolio process.

Onboarding and joining the Portfolio is as easy as 1-2-3

To join Portfolio, you just enter your credit card details, your business details and upload your current contract and last 12 months of electricity bills.

You won’t be billed until your 15 days free trial has concluded and until you issue your mandate to us in writing and is confirmed and agreed by you in writing.

If we need to arrange a bridging contract for you between your current contract and before the start of your Portfolio mandate, we will organize that as part of your mandate instructions that you will issue to us.

Once that is done, your current contract details are loaded into our portfolio and then, we will keep you informed about market movements and transactions as we manage your electricity contract for you.

You will benefit from AECO Energy Portfolio’s more efficient way of procuring electricity contracts with experts managing in your best interest.

Additional Features


Subscription Monthly 12 Months
Payable Upfront
24 Months
Payable Upfront
36 Months
Payable Upfront
Required Minimum Monthly Usage Minimum Subscription (from) 2000Kwh/Mth 2000Kwh/Mth 2000Kwh/Mth 2000Kwh/Mth
per Month





Required Customer Credit Standing*  Good  Good  Good  Good 
Access to Bulk Purchase and Scale Discounts
Electricity Markets Supported

Zero-Touch Contracts

2022/23 Malaysia, New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines, other ASEAN    
Sustainability and REC   Management        
EasyDOC Agency Zero-Touch Contracts
100%  AECO Energy Managed
Procurement Types        
Retailers Contractable**  21  21  21  21
Reverse Auctions
Contract Decision Discretion  AECO  AECO  AECO  AECO
Portfolio Mandates Supported        
Included Bridging Contract
Mandate start date within  90 days  9 months  18 months  30 Months
Quarterly Mandate        
 # Quarterly Forward Contracts  1  3  7  11
1 Jan/1 April/1 July/ 1 January Mandate
Half Year Mandate        
 # Half-Year Forward Contracts    1  3  5
1 July/1 December Mandate  
1 April/1 October Mandate  
Full Year Mandate        
 # Full-Year Forward Contracts      1  2
1 January Mandate    
1 April Mandate    
1 July Mandate    
1 October Mandate    
Two Year Mandate        
 # Two-Year Forward Contracts        1
1 January Mandate      
1 April Mandate      
1 July Mandate      
1 October Mandate      
SustainPRO Sustainability  Bundle Options        
Renewable REC Mandate Options        
25% Renewable    
50% Renewable    
75% Renewable    
100% Renewable    
Contact Term Market Price        
Priced Annual/Chargeable Annually    
Priced Annually/Chargeable Monthly ****    
Contact Term Fixed Price        
Chargeable Annually    
Chargeable Monthly ****    

*** Portfolio clientele must maintain good credit standing to continue to be eligible to the AECO Energy Portfolio service
*** A reinstatement fee is payable when the customer wishes to reinstate a previously cancelled subscription and is up to 12 months of previous subscription costs
*** Monthly SustainPro option charging is subject to separate application approval

Features and Benefits

Ease of use & buying power

  • Get exclusive access to economies of scale and competitive prices
  • Realise tangible benefits with a scalable aggregated volume buying power

Aligned with your business

  • Choose the portfolio with the mandate that meets your industry and business needs
  • More focus on your core business

Better focus on your business,
reduced time & effort

  • Expert-managed procurement solution backed by market and internal forecasting analysts
  • Zero-touch management solution, we do everything for you!

Why choose AECO Energy Portfolio?

Ease of use


Buying power

Available expertise

Optimised rates


Business control

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