Strategic Buying: Buy when it’s favourable

Arrange your electricity contracts ahead of time when it’s to your strategic advantage.

The price for your next contract is constantly changing in a dynamic market. Strategic buying allows you to take advantage of price dips or to lock-in prices to avoid upward moving markets. Buy when others aren’t and when it’s to your strategic advantage. Fix your input costs before your business commits and minimise the chance of missing out on low rates to make your business more profitable.

Buy the dip and buy ahead of time

Most businesses arrange their next contract when it is about to expire. Buy well before your expiry date when pricing is in your favour and not when you are forced to take the price on the day.

Avoid pool pricing, buy strategically

Pool pricing just takes whatever the market will serve up on a given day. Buy ahead of time with forward contracting and lock-in your prices before your contract expires. It’s the strategic and smarter thing to do.

Buy when demand for contracts are low

Most businesses are arranging for their next contract to start soon. If you buy when the demand is low, then prices should be lower.

Lock-in your input costs to maximise profits

You are able to lock-in your input cost of electricity ahead of time with MarketPro and strategic buying. You can then focus on pricing your services and products profitably without having to run the risk of unknown energy prices.

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